Durakool Thermal Transfer Pad Catalogue for Solid State Relays (SSRs)


  • Easy to use
  • Designed for use with Durakool SSRs
  • Clean alternative to thermal grease
  • Eliminates contamination concerns
  • Creates air-free interface
  • Fibreglass re-inforced for strength
  • RoHS Compliant

When clamped between the heat sink and the solid-state relay, the heat transfer pad conforms to the surface textures creating an air free interface between the heat generating SSR and the heat sink.

Colour Dark Grey/Black
Thickness 0.005” / 0.127mm
Adhesive One side, pressure sensitive
Thermal Impedance 0.48°C in2/W @ 50psi 1
Dielectric Breakdown Non-insulating
Volume Resistivity 102 Ω
Operating Temperature Range -60°C to 180°C / -76°F to 356°F
Suggested Clamping Pressure 10 to 200psi


1 Actual application performance will depend upon surface roughness, flatness and pressure applied.

Installation: Ensure that both mating surfaces are clean, dust and grease free. Carefully remove protective backing from the thermal pad and apply pad to the base of the solid-state relay. Ensure that any air bubbles are eliminated and that there are no bumps or ridges. Ensure there are no dust or dirt particles on the heat sink and apply solid-state relay, with the pad, to the heat sink and bolt down firmly.

NB: Failure to remove the backing will compromise the performance and may cause the SSR to fail.


Dimensions in mm Fig.1

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