Durakool have relay, contactor, pre-charge & discharge resistor and PT temperature sensor switching solutions, for every switching application within automotive and electric vehicles (EVs), whether they be cars, buses, trucks, excavators, tractors, combine harvesters, buggies, utility vehicles or baggage carriers. If it can be switched, we can help you. High and low voltage solutions and high and low current carrying devices to meet your requirements. Special function plug in relays for particular requirements are also catered for. Can’t see what you are looking for? We are here to help.

Cars, Trucks & Buses

Durakool offers a wide range of relays and contactors applicable for the majority of switching operations within cars, trucks and buses. Our pre-charge and discharge resistors and PT temperature sensors are also suitable switching solutions for all these vehicles. Our Engineering Team are on hand to help you select the right product for your application.

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Electric Vehicles

Durakool electric vehicle (EV) relays, contactors, PT sensors & pre-charge/discharge resistors of all shapes & sizes can be employed throughout all types of EVs from battery operated bicycles to motorcycles, milk floats, hybrids, vans, people movers and airport transport.  Available in assorted ratings for many & varied applications for remote control switching.

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Agriculture & Construction Vehicles

Durakool relays, contactors, timers, pre-charge & discharge resistors & PT temperature sensors are widely used in the agriculture and construction industry including in earth moving, mining  and lifting equipment and large tractors. The agricultural and construction industries rely on Durakool for our range of DC relays, timers, contactors & switching solutions.

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