We have a number of helpful catalogues available and are working to produce one further Durakool catalogue: Durakool Relays & Contactors. As soon as this catalogue is available you will be able to find it on this site.

Mounting Brackets for Durakool DSC Range of LVDC Contactors

Our DSC range of Durakool low voltage DC Contactors (LVDC) can all be purchased with mounting brackets. This document will be helpful in identifying the bracket size and dimensions and shows the optimum mounting screw required. It is important to follow the guidelines if fitting your own bracket.

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Durakool Relays & Contactors Catalogue

Our relays and contactors catalogue provides information of the majority of our relays and contactors including HVDC contactors for electric vehicle and 'green energy' applications. Our unique range of miniature automotive relays and HVDC contactors are specially designed for applications up to 1000VDC ...

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Durakool Sockets for Automotive Relays

A useful eleven page catalogue listing Durakool automotive mini & maxi ISO relay sockets by series, showing which Durakool relay to use with which Durakool socket and detailing which products come with mounting brackets, silicone gaskets, socket dimensions, rating information, pin/blade details - all you need to know!

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Sockets Catalogue for Industrial Relays

A 28 page catalogue listing Durakool relay industrial sockets by series, showing which Durakool relay to use with which industrial socket, detailed information & diagrams. Industrial relay socket accessories are also detailed within the catalogue. A comprehensive guide to point you in the right direction!

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Durakool Solid State Relays & Contactors Catalogue

The Durakool SSR Relays and Contactors catalogue is a multi page document containing detailed product information on each single phase and three phase Durakool Solid State Relay and Solid State Contactor currently available.

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Durakool Heatsinks for Solid State Relays Catalogue

The Durakool Heatsinks Catalogue for SSRs is a three page document listing our Durakool heatsinks and giving dimensions, current rating and sink rating for each. Included on the last page of this catalogue are the Durakool Transfer Pads often used in conjunction with Solid State Relays.

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Durakool Thermal Transfer Pad Catalogue for Solid State Relays (SSRs)

Easy to use Durakool DTP Thermal Transfer Pads designed for use with Durakool Solid State Relays. A clean alternative to thermal grease! Eliminates contamination concerns and creates an air free interface. Fiberglass reinforcement for strength. Fully RoHS compliant.

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