Consumer Goods Switching Solutions

Durakool offers a broad range of PCB and chassis mounting relays plus PT temperature sensors and resistors suitable for consumer “white” and “brown” goods. Small, low cost, PCB power relays are used for remote control, timers, heating and pump motor control and have applications in cookers, broilers, washing machines and all manner of small electrical appliances. Larger, chassis mounting, relays are used in applications such as built-in oven cooling fan controls and stair lifts. Durakool’s long experience of power switching makes us your ideal partner! Contact our Engineers today to discuss how we can help.

Brown Goods

Durakool switching solutions cover all switching requirements for countertop & tabletop, portable & semi-portable brown goods. Our relays & contactors are in a wide range of sizes with varying pin configurations, suitable for current signals ranging from 0.01A @ 10mV up to 45A @240V. Single, multi pole, AC and DC motor control, whatever your requirement, we have switching solution for you.

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White Goods

All white goods require switches and resistors in one form or another and many require PT temperature sensors. Durakool special PCB power relays, plug in & ‘sugar cube’ styles, are specifically designed to handle high currents in a confined space. Choose from different contact materials depending on specific application requirements. Contact one of our engineers to learn more.

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