Announcing Durakool’s NEW HVDC automotive contactor, the DEVR10DP, two separate 120A/1000VDC HVDC contactors in a single package, which may be switched together or independently. The two-in-one configuration greatly reduces space required and the complex (and costly) interconnections needed for traditional standalone pre-charge contactors.

Smaller volume requirement equals lower cost! Ricardo Esquinazi, Relay & Contactors Product Manager, commented, “This double pole contactor is very easy to integrate into Electric Vehicle HVDC motor controllers which have higher pre-charge requirements. It is ideal for use as pre-charge EV contactors and as the main contactor in small forklifts, moving platforms, small EV cars and E-motorbikes.”

The DEVR10DP is equipped with terminal covers for both M5 female terminals and includes a convenient single connector for both coils and auxiliary switches, in turn making for a safer and highly reliable device

This new Durakool design is competitively priced to enable the customer to keep their overall product cost down and offer their product more competitively and attractively to potential users.

“Each contactor inside the DEVR10DP package can carry 180A for 1 minute or 140A for 10 minutes. This makes it possible to use the DEVR10DP as main contactors in smaller EV’s when they need to accelerate or climb hills. In an emergency  the DEVR10DP can break up to 600A/450VDC (one time only).” Continued Esquinazi.

Pre-Charge and Discharge contactors are used in the interface between battery and motor drive where the charge current is limited, to protect the main power contactors from the inrush current of the motor controller capacitors. Likewise, when the EV is turned off, the charge on those capacitors must be removed in a safe manner to protect against possible electric shock risk. 120A and 1000VDC can cover most actual requirements for this application where the Pre-charge and Discharge currents can be defined by the size of the resistors used.

“Another highly innovative design from Durakool.  Contact us to learn more!”  Concluded Esquinazi.

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