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At Durakool we strive to present regular new and updated information regarding the development of newly launched and existing innovative Durakool relays and contactors. We regularly introduce new and improved switching solutions which surpass customer' expectancy. We use advanced techniques to meet increased demand for reliable and high quality, smaller, lighter, more environmentally friendly products, that incorporate a growing switching requirement for ever higher current and voltage.

For all media/press enquiries or information about Durakool and our relay and contactor switching solutions, please contact:

Fay Wild,


  • Istanbul EV Charge

    Durakool teamed up for the first time with TMS Elektronik Limited at EV Charge in Istanbul. Much interest was generated in the Durakool brand and the exciting range of switching solutions we offer, particularly for EV and renewable energy applications 

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  • Engineering & Design Show 2023 - Excellent Show

    Durakool had many visitors coming to see us at EDS in Coventry this year. Our products were featured on the Solsta stand (Solid State Supplies Limited, now trading as Solsta) and Rob Mattock, Carlos Mendes and Gerrit-Willem Prins were all on hand to answer questions and offer support to engineers looking for advice and expertise on designing high voltage switches into their applications. 

    Carlos was again a key speaker at this event and his slot was well attended and generated much interest in the Durakool brand.

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  • Durakool in Gothenburg

    Gerrit-Willem Prins and Carlos Mendes were at Battery Tech Expo, Sweden, at the end of September 2023, in the exhibitors hall presenting Durakool HVDC relay, resistor and contactor solutions and helping engineers with their switching design queries.

    Carlos Mendes was a key speaker at the event, explaining about 'Designing the optimal switch for your HV battery. Carlos' talk generated a lot of experience and visitors to the stand, who were pleased to know they were liaising with a team, well versed in switching challenges and pitfalls to avoid.


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  • HVDC Range Expansion at Novi Battery Show 2023

    Durakool's announcement at Novi's Battery Show of the expansion of both their Pre-Charge Resistor range and their HVDC Ceramic Contactor range was well received, with visitors coming specifically to the stand to meet the team and learn more. 

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  • Teamwork Appreciation - Las Vegas

    A big thank you from Durakool, for the conscientious and industrious efforts of American Electronic Components Inc. (AEC), and their distributors and representatives, who met at EDS Leadership Summit in Las Vegas.


    The feedback we receive from these valuable meetings is fed back to our specialist team and taken into consideration as we strive in our policy of continuous improvement. We were delighted to hear of the productivity of the event and much appreciate the ongoing teamwork.


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  • Durakool in the Fast Lane at Silverstone

    A successful show for Steatite at The Battery Expo Silverstone, with a great deal of interest in their high capacity power sytems for industrial and military UAVs and in our Durakool relays and contactors for HVDC applications.

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  • Valuable time spent with our customers

    Another successful show for Durakool at Electronica 2022 in Munich. Valuable time spent with many of our customers and helping those seeking engineering design support, demonstrating our products and extolling the virtues of the Durakool range and our first-rate service.

    Many thanks to all who visited us at the show. If we can be of any help, please contact us.

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  • Willow Promoting Durakool at Electronica 2022

    Willow Technologies Limited exhibited at Munich’s Electronica 2022 promoting Durakool relays, contactors, resistors and switching technologies, supported ably by some of our Durakool engineering team. The show was a significant success as far as the Durakool product range is concerned with lots of positive interest, particularly in our automotive and renewable energy product offering.

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  • Introduction to Durakool Pre-Charge & Discharge Resistors

    A range of our Durakool relays and contactors were displayed on the Solid State Supplies Limited stand at the 2022 Engineering Design show in Coventry along with our NEW line of Durakool Pre-charge and Discharge Resistors. Our engineers were on hand to offer help with designs and explain our product offering.

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  • Great Success at Novi Battery Show 2022

    American Electronic Components hosted a Durakool Relays & Contactors Technical Seminar during the Battery Show at Novi Michigan this year and also promoted many of our Automotive relays and contactors on their stand. The show was a great success and Durakool expect to have their own stand there in 2023.

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  • Socking it to you!

    New from Durakool, the latest Durakool Industrial Relay Sockets Catalogue. Take a look at our new 28 page catalogue, a comprehensive guide to point you in the right direction for the industrial socket suited to the relay you need to use. Sockets that punch above their weight!

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  • Keep Your Cool at the Wheel

    Don't forget our excellent performance DG85D 100A/12VDC Automotive Relay industry standard mini ISO, ideal for DC motor control air conditioning! It provides high continuous DC current capacity – at 50K operations the switching capability of the DG85D is 100A/12VDC at 85°C.

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  • Need a socket for that relay?

    Many of our industrial & automotive plug in relays have matching Durakool Sockets. On our individual relay product pages the corresponding relay socket for that product can be found at the bottom of the key features list. If you require guidance please call us, we are here to help.

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  • Something for a Sunny Day

    Looking for a relay or contactor to brighten up your day? Durakool’s robust HV relays and contactors handle up to 1500A and 1000VDC for switching the outputs from photovoltaic panels. Learn of the applications suitable for our DEVR range of High Voltage Contactors and those suited to our HV Durakool relays.

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  • Dig Yourself Out of a Hole

    A reminder that our Durakool industry standard Plug-in Relays are ideal for control panels. Designed for mounting in Durakool Sockets, the Durakool DX2, DX3 & DX4 Series provide a secure grip in the socket ensuring high reliability and superior low level signal performance.

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  • Product launch at Stuttgart Battery Show 2023

    Durakool announced their new high voltage switching DC contactors for superior isolation, improved reliability and longer service life, at The Battery Show Europe earlier this week. Visitors also took the opportunity to meet with our experts and receive help and advice with using employing our switching technologies to maximise the efficiency of their designs.

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