Durakool offers a wide range of class leading plug in automotive relays in the industry standard “ISO” footprints. Suitable for direct wiring or for use with Durakool automotive sockets, Durakool offers standard plug in relays for switching up to 100A at 12VDC, in a Normally Open configuration, or 80/60A in a Changeover style. Durakool Plug-in automotive relays are used throughout the vehicle in many positions including headlights, horn, air conditioning, seat heaters, electric windows and heated rear screens. Durakool Plug in automotive relays are excellent for low voltage DC switching and have many other applications, especially where DC motor control is important. They are used in marine applications as well as wheeled vehicles and in static applications such as glass house window or gate control motors. Call Durakool Engineers now to find out how we can help you with your application.

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