Durakool manufacture switching and sensing technology supporting solutions to the electrical and electronic marketplace across the globe. We have a wide portfolio of technologies and over 100 years of application experience. With an in-house engineering capability and a production facility for rapid prototyping of custom parts, the company is well equipped to develop products matching customer specific application requirements. Explore our products for detailed information about our highly reliable Durakool relays and Durakool contactors - all found on this site.

We continue to innovate and develop relays and contactors to meet existing and forthcoming requirements within many industries, these new and improved products will be introduced on a regular basis, on this site, as we seek to exceed customer expectations.


We have a number of helpful Durakool product catalogues available and are working to produce one further Durakool catalogue: Durakool Relays & Contactors. As soon as this additional Durakool catalogue is available you will be able to find it on this site.

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Durakool Contactor and Relay datasheets are all available here. Continuous development means we review and update datasheet information regularly, introducing new datasheets as we launch new products. Datasheets are kept as up to date as possible with full information known at that point in time.

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Product Videos

The Durakool team are creating a range of videos to help engineers learn and understand more about how useful our products are. Please listen and let us know if there are products within our range that you would like to learn more about.

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Our team of engineers at Durakool have over 100 years switching technologies experience between them and have compiled a selection of helpful materials to enlighten and guide those interested in how the technology works, pitfalls to be avoided, advantages we have built into the Durakool brand etc.

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