HVDC Range Expansion at Novi Battery Show 2023

Members of the Durakool Team at Novi Battery Show 2023Durakool's initial ceramic contactor launch at the European Battery Show earlier this year proved to address an identified specific OEM need within these fields, resulting in design-in activity. OEMs and engineers requested even higher power switching devices for precharge and discharge applications.

As a result Durakool responded by enriching its range of precharge/discharge contactors (up to 60A) and offering a complete range of compatible power resistors (up to 2800W). The announcement on the first day of Novi's Battery Show, of the expansion of these ranges, was well received, with visitors coming specifically to the stand to meet the team and learn more. 

Durakool are delighted that members of our team are able to take the opportunity when exhibiting, to meet face to face and help support and develop better switching solutions for the evolving requirements of all high-power electrical industries, particularly for professional off-grid operations and renewable energy. These will likely require HVDCs within their high voltage electrical systems for safe and reliable operation, to comply with government body, legal and stringent safety regulations, such as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. In addition, most parts feature UL approval. The production process for Durakool’s ceramic contactors is easily automated for continuous, rather than batch production, resulting in cost savings for higher volumes and even more reliable contactors.

Keep an eye on our events calendar and come and see our switching solutions for yourselves.