Keep Your Cool at the Wheel

Don't forget our DG85D 100A/12VDC Automotive Relay industry standard mini ISO, ideal for DC motor control! It provides high continuous DC current capacity – at 50K operations the switching capability of the DG85D is 100A/12VDC at 85°C. Contact configuration is SPST-NO, 1 Form A, with an enhanced contact gap. The excellent performance contact material is AgSnOInO.

The DG85D can be utilized in multiple automotive functions including air conditioning, head lamps, steering, window operation, in the horn and of course, in Electric Vehicle applications too.

Primarily demand for the Durakool DG85D has been within the Automotive Industry, however, this superb relay is additionally eminently suitable for many industrial and general purpose applications.

Available in three forms, the DG85D relay can be supplied as a plug-in, bracketed or PCB mounting version, whichever best suits your requirements.

Download DG85D datasheet