An Easier and Safer Life with the Unique DG55M

The exceptional design of the DG55M automotive general purpose, magnetic arc blow out relay, is exclusive to Durakool and switches up to 20A@80VDC, operating at 40A continuous capacity (at 23°C). This mini ISO relay’s special terminal arrangement ensures HVDC safety while fitting standard ISO relay sockets such as Durakool’s DZ85AB-5-WH2.

Ricardo Esquinazi, Relays and Contactors Product Manager, commented, “The Durakool Team has been extremely clever in their design of this relay. By positioning the arc quenching magnet where they have, it allows the relay to sit flush against the mounting bracket, still using the same standard socket, unhindered by the socket mounting bolt head! Better than this, the special terminal arrangement enables this 80VDC relay to be placed alongside banks of 12 and 24V relays, in sockets of the same footprint. Once the HV socket is correctly wired, if a 12 or 24V relay is plugged in to the HV socket, it will simply not work, however, if the DG55M is plugged in to the correctly wired HV socket, it will work perfectly. A safeguard for any user.”

The magnet inside the relay is positioned such, that as the contacts open and an arc begins to form, the magnet simply stretches that arc away from the contacts (blows it out). The arc paths become stretched to an unsustainable level thus the arc is quenched – or blown out.

Advantageously, if a Service Engineer dealing with multiple relays in a control panel were unfamiliar with the set up, or mistakenly were to plug a 12 or 24V relay in the high voltage socket, rather than blowing the relay and socket, potentially causing extended damage, the terminal arrangement would prevent the 12 or 24V relay from operating in the HV wired socket. The DG55M special terminal configuration stops a problem occurring when the contacts are closed in the safely wired HV mini ISO socket.

“The Durakool Team really are looking at what Engineers need and how to help them achieve the best performance with each application, they are impressively ‘driving full speed ahead’ in the automotive and electric vehicle market”. Concluded Esquinazi.

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