Optimised, safe and reliable solutions -

 A key theme for Durakool at iVT Expo in Germany


Durakool Optimised, Safe & Reliable SolutionsCopthorne, UK: Durakool, a leading manufacturer of power switching components, will be exhibiting at this year’s prestigious iVT Expo, set to take place this month in Cologne, Germany. Bringing together leading experts and the latest technologies in the industrial vehicle, construction and agricultural machinery sectors, the event provides the perfect platform for Durakool to showcase its latest offerings in relays, contactors, and pre-charge resistors.


Visitors to the iVT Expo can find Durakool at Booth 4022, where they will have the opportunity to explore a range of advanced solutions designed to enhance efficiency, safety and reliability in various applications and to meet the rigorous demands of modern industrial environments. These solutions include low and high voltage DC contactors, automotive plug-in, PCB and HVDC relays and pre-charge resistors.


Carlos Mendes, Product Manager at Durakool comments: “Events such as iVT provide the perfect networking opportunity to not only connect with our industry peers, but more crucially, explore the evolving needs of customers operating in this market. It’s more than just displaying our products – it’s about demonstrating our best-in-class application knowledge and integration experience to help solve our customers’ problems and deliver optimised, reliable and safe solutions.”


Durakool will further showcase this knowledge and experience through a presentation from Carlos who will take to the stage on Day 1 and delve into the pivotal role of relays and contactors in electric industrial vehicles and technology. His presentation will look at the challenges of increasing battery voltages and currents and will explore the need for ruggedness and reliability.


The Durakool team invites all attendees to visit their booth to learn more about their product offerings and to discuss how their solutions can be tailored to meet specific industry needs.