Battery Storage Switching Solutions

Batteries have been used for energy storage for 100 plus years. Durakool’s long heritage of switching DC power for electricity generation & storage was initially with lead acid low voltage DC and more recently, lithium-ion HVDC battery systems. Our DSC contactors switch up to 2000A at 60VDC & our DEVR series can carry as much as 1000A at voltages as high as 1000VDC. Typical applications (also for our Temperature & resistor solutions) include telephone exchanges (48VDC) and solar or wind power buffering. DEVRs are also used for portable, emergency, field back-up power installations where reliability & low weight are important.

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Durakool's PT temperature sensors, resistors, HV relays & contactors, large and small, are used within Battery Storage Systems (BSS), Battery Management Systems (BMS) and Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging systems. Our switches can be employed in measuring current, voltage & temperature, assisting with monitoring & managing battery cell health.

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Solar Energy

Solar power technological advancements abound as environmental awareness grows and increasingly more users prefer to harness, environmentally friendly solar power. Durakool relay, contactor, resistor & temperature switching solutions are widely used in home devices, factories, hospitals, workplaces, solar farms & even in solar buoys at sea.

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Wind Power

Durakool’s HV relays & contactors handle up to 1500A & 1000VDC for switching DC output from windmills. Durakool has been controlling electricity from wind generators for 80+ years. Our resistors & PT temperature sensor can also be utilised to enable the gathering and storing of wind energy. Sustainable green energy solutions for a better world.

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