Move Up in the World with DG38L PCB Motor Control Relays

Durakool continue to experience particularly high demand for their reliable quality motor control DC relay, the DG38L. Another unique relay from Durakool’s collection, the DG38L PCB Power Relay is capable of switching up to 45A at 250VAC and features a magnetic arc blowout which enables the relay to switch 50% higher DC voltage than other relays of its type. Typically, this style of relay, which has an industry standard footprint, can only switch 30A @ 24VDC/240VAC. The DG38L handles voltages up to 80VDC (as an option) or 45A @ 28VDC as standard. This is 50% more than is usual for this style of relay.

The DC motor control relay measures a compact 32.2 x 27.5 x 28mm and is designed to switch in applications where the DC voltage exceeds 24VDC. As the relay opens it will pull an arc. With other relays of this type, if the contact gap is not big enough, the arc will not go out until the relay is damaged. An internal magnet deflects the arc from the contact as the relay opens, thus extinguishing the arc.

Said Ricardo Esquinazi, Relays and Contactors Product Manager, “Another great advantage of the DG38L is that it offers PCB mounting without the need for high current or high voltage tracks on the PCB. Engineers can also easily replace inferior products or simply upgrade without the need for redesign. Plus, the P674 version of this relay has a maximum switching voltage of 80VDC at 20A for DC load control!”

The DG38L has shielded fast-on blades for power terminals, which eliminate the need to put high currents and voltages on to the PCB. Its standard contact material is AgSnOInO. It is equipped with PCB and QC (fast-on) terminals and is designed to fit an industry standard footprint. The DG38L is ideal for applications requiring high current switching and higher voltage DC switching, this PCB Power relay is absolutely perfect for DC motor control (loads), winches, stair lifts, CNC machines, garage door motors, solar energy controllers, battery and wind power systems.

“It’s a low cost, one relay solves multiple problems solution, with many potential uses” Concluded Esquinazi.

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