Durakool are delighted to introduce our first resistor ranges:

Leaded Resistors - Durakool’s high resistance / high voltage axial & radial leaded resistors. Resistance values from 1MΩ to 1TΩ, voltages up to 65kV, TCR’s from 25ppm/°C.

Pre-Charge / Discharge Resistors - Durakool’s range of AEC-Q200 automotive grade high power pre-charge & discharge resistors are available with power ratings from 20W to 500W. A different package styles & types. Customisable, with non-inductive windings, HV cables, compact and intrinsically safe options available.  

Surface Mount Chip Resistors - Durakool’s range of precision, power & high ohmic SMD resistors offer resistances from 0.1Ω to 10TΩ with tolerances from 0.25% to 30% and TCR’s commencing 25ppm/°C. Custom resistance values & tolerances are obtainable!

Voltage Dividers - Durakool’s range of precision voltage dividers are available with resistance values up to 1TΩ, ratios 1:100 to 1:20,000, tolerances to +/-0.25%, TCRs to 50ppm/°C, power ratings from 1 to 6W and voltages up to 65kV. Custom options are available!

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