Mounting Brackets for Durakool DSC Range of LVDC Contactors

This Durakool DSC contactor mounting bracket document for LVDC contactors is a one page document that will be helpful to those who have a DSC contactor but do not currently have a mounting bracket for it. This document helps identify the bracket size and dimensions you will need to achieve for a particular DSC LVDC Contactor.

It is important to note that the mounting screw depth is key - if the screw is too long it will damage the coil or, at the very least, come into contact with the coil windings. In order to calculate the required screw length, you need to know the bracket thickness. When we fit the brackets, we use the correct screws for the brackets, along with a lock washer. If using your own brackets, or wishing to mount the contactor directly using the holes in the frame, this document will help identify the maximum thread length that can safely be used.

NB (New contactors come with the appropriate mounting bracket.)

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