Industrial Switching Solutions

Durakool resistors, relays, contactors and PT sensors are widely used in almost all electrical industrial equipment, manufacturing, production, storage and processing equipment, categorised on this site in four main categories: Control & Instrumentation, Control Panels, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Telecommunications. If you have a requirement for a relay or contactor, PT temperature sensor or a resistor, our Durakool engineers can assist you in finding the reliable, high quality product solution that achieves your goal. We can help identify the product most suited to your application.

Control & Instrumentation Sensor, Switch & Resistor Solutions

Durakool's vast selection of control and instrumentation switching solutions include relays, contactors, resistors and PT temperature sensors. Bracket and surface mount solutions have been designed for use within control and instrumentation panels. Evolving technology has enabled us in many instances to provide ever smaller, space saving devices. Contact our Engineers for help with your selection.

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Control Panels

Durakool have a vast range of standard size relays and contactors as well as specially designed relays and contactors, suitable for mounting within industrial control panels. These include mono and bi-stable, plug in and PCB varieties. Our Durakool pre-charge and discharge resistors and Durakool PT temperature sensors are also widely used within control panel applications.

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General Industry Resistor, Sensor and Switch Solutions

Durakool's relays, contactors, resistors and PT temperature sensors are widely used in almost all electrical industrial equipment including in manufacturing, production, storage and processing equipment. If you would like assistance in selecting the right solution for your application, our Durakool Engineers can help and guide you to the correct and reliable electric component solution. 

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Durakool's PT sensors, resistors, industrial plug in, solid state, bi-stable and signal relays and contactors can all be utilised within multiple applications within Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, from open and closed-circuit cooling towers to thermostatic controllers, cooling fans and evaporative condensers. Contact us for assistance in selecting the right product for your application.

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Durakool switching solutions for telecommunication applications, where signal integrity and high reliability is extremely important. In particular our DSC contactors carry very high currents from 48VDC batteries, which would be used to supply a whole telephone exchange in the event of exchange power failure, up to 2000A @ 60VDC. Conversely our DTC relays switch low level and audio signals.

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