PT (Platinum)

Our Durakool Platinum Temperature Sensors (PT) are high precision PT Sensors with thin film resistance temperature detectors, utilising platinum for the sensing element. They consist of a structured platinum film on a ceramics substrate, coated in glass. All are DIN EN 60751 compliant.

Due to their small size and low mass, Durakool PT Sensors are considered among the most accurate temperature sensors available. Accuracy is PT100, 500 to 1000Ω! They are suitable for operation with wide temperature ranges -200 to +1000°C, offering excellent, long term stability.

Durakool PT temperature senors are designed to be used for easy replacement with excellent inter-changeability and minimum electronic development expense. In addition to providing excellent stability and repeatability, they have a low time constant are therefore, suitable for use in precise process and industrial automation environments, especially around motors, generators and other high voltage equipment.